Dasin Retail Trust is a business trust to be listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST. Dasin Retail Trust’s principal investment mandate is to invest in, own or develop land, uncompleted developments and income-producing real estate in Greater China, used primarily for retail purposes, as well as real estate-related assets, with an initial focus on retail malls.

Dasin Retail Trust’s Initial Portfolio has an aggregate value of RMB 4.6 billion (equivalent to approximately S$944.7 million based on an exchange rate of S$1.00: RMB 4.83) as at 30 June 2016, and comprises three properties located in Zhongshan City in PRC, which comprise an aggregate GFA of approximately 314,884.9 sq m.

The Initial Portfolio is selected based on the Trustee-Manager’s aim of striking a balance between properties which are mature and those which are completed but not fully stabilised so as to offer Unitholders a good mix of growth and income. The Trustee-Manager has identified three Properties as capable of being restructured and for which approvals are already in place, or may be obtained prior to Listing. The Properties are quality income-producing assets that can meet investors’ expectations on cash distributions of Dasin Retail Trust, while ensuring that these Properties have potential for growth in the foreseeable future through the Sponsor’s and Trustee-Manager’s strong development and operational capabilities.